Friday, November 21, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is a character for another client's animation project.

King Neptune Tattoo design commision.

Marcus Fennix from Gears of War.
I did this doodle in anticipation of the sequel which comes out Nov. 6 at midnight!! Cant wait.

Caricature of Andy Kaufman.

I did this as requested by my friend Adam, while working on Rolland Emmerich's movie "2012"

Here he is after colored in photoshop.

This is the line art for Recycle Mycle, the head Green Crusader.

This is the concept sketch of the clubhouse

that the Green Crusaders do their work in.

This is a character for another book, Im currently working on.

His name is Killowatt Karlos and the book is called The Green Crusaders. Its about a group of kids that do "green" deeds.

They help people become aware of ways to go green.

Heres a page from the book. It will eventually have text underneath it.

This is the cover to the book I finished last month and should be in print next month.

Tom Aki, who wrote and came up with the idea, is having big mascot, outfits made of my characters. Cant wait to see how they come out.

The Art of Jeff West

Hey everyone!
Thought its about time to have a BLOG.
Hope you enjoy.